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True Grind Systems

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tgs assessment

Every Journey at True Grind Systems begins with our comprehensive assessment.


Every athlete is different. Which means, they will all have different needs for optimizing their performance. In order to identify each athlete’s needs we conduct a full physical assessment on every athlete that walks through our door.

Our assessment is the first step to creating an effective, individualized training program and a key factor to our program’s success. 

The primary purpose is to identify any physical dysfunction and give us the data we need to prescribe the best exercises specific for that athlete. In turn, this will help reduce injury and increase efficiency accelerating the athlete’s health and performance.

True Grind System’s assessment is more than the average FMS (Functional Movement Screen) assessment. This is a physical screen that takes a look at the athlete’s static and dynamic posture, joint range of motion, balance, muscle activation, strength, power and overall movement. We also take the time to go over previous injuries and future goals of each athlete.

Without assessing, we are only guessing.

  • Posture: Head to toe analysis of the body and how it maintains proper position
  • Mobility: Active and passive range of motion of various joints
  • Balance: Single leg balance in multiple planes of movement
  • Strength: Push-Up, Core Stability, Grip Strength
  • Power: Countermovement Jump, Static Squat Jump, Ice Skater Jump
  • Movements: Squat, Hinge, Push-Up, Lunge

Every aspect of our training uses a scientific, up-to-date approach centered around our “movement first” methodology. We believe that movement quality is the most important factor in our athlete’s success and overall health. Our assessment has evolved into one of our most valuable tools that we use to dissect, identify and intervene compensation and dysfunction in our athletes. Without it we are just throwing exercises up against the wall and hoping the right one sticks.