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True Grind Systems

Where Athletes Level Up


The final step to your Journey is reaping the reward of working hard and staying consistent throughout the process. Enjoying the new found abilities and displaying a higher level of performance.

True Grind Systems will never lose sight of why we are here. We train athletes to perform better at their sport. We are not here to make them professional weight lifters or body builders. Our number one goal will always be to increase performance and help them reach their highest potential.

The Assessment

It all begins with the assessment. This comprehensive procedure takes a close look at each athlete to identify any physical dysfunction and capture various data. We then use this information to help us prescribe the very best exercises for each athlete. This accelerates their development by reducing the risk of injury and increasing the efficiency of the program as a whole. 

Without assessing, we are only guessing.

Movement Optimize Training (M.O.T.)

Then, our athlete’s begin developing the technical foundation of proper movement. This educational training program is a prerequisite to the higher resistance, more complex exercises they will encounter in their individualized program. Each athlete will experience a wide range of exercise variations in order to learn the proper form and technique of each movement. This phase will assist in muscle recovery, enhance motor skills, correct dysfunctional movement, reduce the risk of injury and lay the foundation to build powerful strength upon.

Before we hand you keys to a Ferrari, you must go through Driver’s Ed.

Individualized Program

Finally, our athlete’s receive their own individualized program. This program targets specific strengths and weaknesses of each athlete separately. Our programs are designed to improve sport specific fitness, increase speed and velocity, and initiate the muscular adaptation that transfers to increased performance during the competition season. 

When it’s all said and done, how do we increase performance?

  • Give them the tools and awareness to put their bodies in proper positions to maximize force and reduce injury.
  • Increase their balance and stability to help them maintain those strong body positions. 
  • Develop higher levels of mobility to broaden their range of motion.
  • Build strength and control to help produce more power and expand overall athleticism. 
  • Improve activation and timing to effectively move their limbs through space.
  • Address any flaws in their movement and posture.

Every athlete has a floor and a ceiling. The floor is where you play on your worst days. The ceiling is when you’re at your best. 

Whether it’s unlocking vital range of motion, stabilizing a vulnerable joint. Or, maybe it’s adding strength and size, speed and velocity to your movement.

Our aim is to get you so strong, so powerful that your mis-hits are now off the wall. That your velocity on your worst days is what you currently top out at. We want to broaden your room for error so your mistakes are now success stories.

You see, every athlete has a floor and a ceiling…

We raise them both.