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Individualized Program

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Individualized program

Sports are highly competitive, chaotic atmosphere that demands high levels of strength, speed, power, and durability. The playing field is saturated with athletes who are constantly looking for a way to improve these aspects.

After a True Grind athlete completes MOT, step 3 of the Journey will begin with their individualized program.


What is an Individualized Program?

Our individualized program takes a look at each athlete separately. It targets specific strengths and weaknesses by creating a custom workout plan. This revolutionary concept allows for continuous modification that accounts for the uniqueness of each individual and the unpredictability of playing sports.


A well organized strength and conditioning program that is specifically tailored to an individual athlete is the most efficient and effective way to increase performance and reduce the risk of injury. 


In order to customize the best program possible for each athlete, our individualized programs are designed based on many factors:


  • Sport – what sport/position they play or activity they want to improve in.
  • Training Age – how old they are, how well they move, and how much experience they have in the weight room.
  • Season – what season they are currently in. (ie. off-season or in-season)
  • Frequency – how many times per week they will train.
  • Injury History – previous injuries that could cause various adaptations to their body or how it functions.
  • Goals – their individual goals they are looking to achieve.
  • Posture – how well their body sits at rest and through various movements.
  • Mobility – active and passive range of motion of specific joints.
  • Activation – how particular muscle groups are activating.
  • Movement – how well they move through space.
  • Power – how much vertical and horizontal power they can produce.
  • Strength – how strong they are.
All of this data is captured in our assessment. Read more about our assessment on our assessment page.


Benefits of Individualized Programs

Sport Specific

Each sport has fundamental physical qualities, movements patterns and energy systems that each athlete is responsible for while playing. It makes sense that we should not train a cross country runner the same as a baseball player… and we don’t. Our individualized programs are designed to increase performance in each athlete’s specific sport. They target the same physical attributes, movement patterns and energy systems that the sport demands.


Individualized programs take the guesswork out of programming. After identifying the physical needs of each athlete through our assessment, our programs will target those specific deficiencies and weaknesses that are holding the athlete back. They will add strength to the weak muscles, add mobility to joints with limited motion, and teach the body how to be in the most advantageous position to be powerful.

Correct Dysfunction

A lot of times the area of pain is not always the root source of what’s causing it. For example, lack of hip mobility can cause more stress on the elbow while throwing. So the elbow might be hurting but the source is weak hips. Our programs concentrate on these dysfunctions in the body so a compensation pattern doesn’t lead to poor mechanics and an inevitable injury.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Sports are chaotic, injuries happen, there is nothing we can do to 100% stop that. We can mitigate the risk of this unfortunate reality. A proper strength and conditioning program that is tailored to each athlete will target weaknesses and compensation patterns that cause injuries. Whether it’s an overworked joint from continuously playing a one sided sport or a movement flaw that stems back to a previous injury, our individualized programs are designed to keep you on the field.

Athletes must have the strength to maintain control of their body while playing. They must have the speed to chase, avoid, or beat other athletes. They have to maintain power to jump high, hit hard, swing fast, and throw gas. All while, they must stay durable to withstand the grueling season.

True Grind Systems is more than just a gym that provides workouts, it is a team of people who work to create the perfect program just for you.