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An assessment is our way of identifying what each athlete needs to help them increase performance as efficiently as possible.  Read more about our assessment process here.

As many times as your schedule will allow. For In-Season, we recommend 2-3x per week and for Off-Season we suggest 3-5x per week. But we can build a program to accommodate any training frequency.

Have fun and relax!

We offer a “same household” discount. Each additional athlete living under the same roof is 50% off. Must be 18 or younger to apply.

Training sessions will vary depending on what season the athlete is in. An off-season workout will generally last 60-90 minutes. Whereas, an in-season workout will last approximately 40-50 minutes.

We maintain a low coach to athlete ratio. It is a perfect blend between one on one (not cost effective) and group training ( too generalized).

At this time we do not offer contracts. Our programs run month to month with no obligation to renew.

You will be assigned a coach to walk you through every exercise during our Movement Optimization Training (M.O.T.) program. You can learn more about M.O.T. here.

It’s more of a maturity than an age. Will the athlete stay focused and engaged throughout the entire workout? Will the athlete disrupt others and cause an unsafe, unprofessional atmosphere?